Late Nights & Early Mornings

Well what a morning! I was somewhat worried today having struggled on Saturday with my run, especially as the plan today was to run 3 sets of 5 minutes which is the most I will have done to date. With an early run planned at 7am to say I was dreading it would be an understatement.

I had a pretty restless night, having not gotten to sleep till gone 1am having lost track of time in a book I’m currenly reading. I decided at around 6am that enough was enough andI wasn’t going to get any more sleep. Outside the sun was poking it’s head through the curtains which did help a little to pursuade me that a run wouldn’t be the worst of ideas. I’ve only recently started running before work and it’s not as bad as you might imagine. Some people say it’s not advisable, as you’re muscles aren’t warmed up properly, however I tend to find that I’m less tired and it wakes me up nicely for a day at work. I also find that more people are more sociable first thing, but maybe thats just the luck that I’ve had.

Todays route

I was a little late setting off today and my route was one I’d taken before, running from my house in Castlefields around the river in a loop via the quarry. This time though I’d decided to do it backwards which turned out to be a great idea. As daft as it sounds, it kept things much more interesting.  I also found that slowing my pace down was a great way of not burning off all my energy too soon (yes I know it’s obvious but sometimes putting it into practice isn’t so easy).

Seating and Marquees Being Setup

The journey to the quarry was fairly uneventful although it surprised me how quickly I got there, normally that section of the run has been quite gruelling and has seemed to last forever. There was loads of activity in the quarry as big marquees and seating had been laid out for the Shrewsbury Flower Show which takes part this weekend. The quarry itself was fairly quiet though, quite the opposite of what it will be this weekend, when the crowds flock to the area to see the annual event. I’ve not been for quite a while but have fond memories of going as a child especially the firework finale to the show which is quite a spectacle.

Kingsland Toll Bridge

Similar to my journey to the quarry, I was soon through picking up quite a steady pace. I found that even when stopping to take pictures it was far easier to focus than it had been on Saturday and get back into it. I was soon passing under Kingsland Bridge, Shrewsbury’s toll bridge … I plan to extend the route through the quarry so that I’ll be running over it in the coming weeks. Its such a beautiful route and one of my favourite things about where I live is that it’s so easily accessible to me.

The English Bridge

My run continued underneath the English Bridge and before I knew it, it was onto the final section of my run. The fact that I was still running only spurred me on to get to the finish and the next section was over fairly quickly (it was also my fastest section looking at my timings). My last section ended just after going underneath the Railway Bridge. It’s probably the ugliest bridge in Shrewsbury as its so dark and gloomy underneath, the walls are covered in graffiti and pigeons lurk menacingly in the shadows. I swear if pigeons could have hoodies and ASBOs … these ones would!

Railway Bridge

I walked along to the Weir for my five minute cool down. The Weir was created as the river used to get very low in the summer months and at points I believe you could walk across from one bank to the other. Its quite a spectacular place to be though, I’ve always loved it down there and I love that it’s so close to home.

Shrewsbury Weir

I decided that I hadn’t quite had enough of being out just yet and extended my walk a little further downstream, cutting through the housing estate to finally get home and feeling like I’d accomplished something again, I felt far more upbeat than I had on Saturday. I ran the bath as soon as I got in as I always like to have a soak after I’ve been running … A shower doesn’t really relax the muscles in the same way, although it’s got to be a nice warm bath. I’ve heard of people taking Ice cold baths as an aid to recovery – I’ve tried it once and lasted about 30 seconds, it was possibly one of the most unpleasant experiences I’ve had for quite some time and made me feel quite sick.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time so my relaxing bath was cut short. I was off to work but felt great, my attitude towards work and general mood was good and I can only put it down to the running. I’m very tempted to get up in the morning and run but I just know it would be a mistake – Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, but i’ll save that for a later blog post.



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