New blog feature on the way.

This weekend we’ll be visiting London thanks to the lovely people at the London Bridge Experience and London Tombs who kindly gave away tickets and train travel down to them. We’re making a bit of a weekend of it and there’s a theme going on basically if there’s a small dark space with an actor chasing after you we’ll be there …

When I began running I always loved running near the river by me, it’s a place I’ve always gone to reflect and it’s not hard work running when there’s always something to look at. When we were told that we’d won tickets, very quickly a plan formed in my head …

I’m planning on doing a 6 mile run from Tower Bridge up to Westminster Bridge and back. I’d actually thought up until now that it was a 5 mile round trip but it turns out it’s 6 …. it;s gonna be a tough one. I’ve been getting pains in my feet over the last few days so have had to give running a miss but I’m hoping by monday I should be fighting fit again !!

My original plan was to find someone in London to do the run with and possibly do some kind of interview for the blog  but unfortunately I’ve struggled to find anyone with it being such short notice. However, it’s a feature i’m planning on starting when I get back to Shrewsbury though so if you know anyone who does an interesting  job, or has an interesting story to tell then get in touch …

I’m keen to keep the blog exciting and fresh and by basing an interview every week or couple of weeks about someone else meaning its not all about me …

Anyway expect a full blog post about my run in London when I get back



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