Why Severn Hospice ?

As most of you are probably aware, I’ve been helping Severn Hospice out over the past year at various events whether it be helping car parking at the Dragon boat festival, wrapping presents at christmas, making sure people are safe at the midnight walk or running 13 miles over hills and god knows what to raise some hard cash …

I don’t think I’ve ever explained why.

If  I’m honest it was purely by chance, through interaction through twitter I became aware of Severn Hospice and what they do, and sure I’d heard of them but in reality what they did was pretty much alien to me.

My first encounter of volunteering was at the Dragonboat Festival where quite simply I stood on a gate and made sure people were parking in the right place for just a couple hours … I met some really nice people and felt great that I was doing something to help someone else. There was a real team spirit and although I get super-nervous about meeting people I don’t know, I was made to feel extremely welcome and that my efforts were genuinely appreciated (even if it was such a simple task).

After that I was hooked and over the coming months it became apparent the hard work by the team at the hospice that goes in to raising the money that’s needed to keep things running (pun not intended) at the counties two hospices in Telford and Shrewsbury.

As I started running more and more, I felt like it would be good incentive for me to do some of the races for charity and if people wanted to give some money then so much the better, it gave me a goal to focus on rather than the physical and mental strain of running long distances.

This year I’m planning on helping with photography at the spring walk, marshalling at both the Telford and Shrewsbury midnight walks, and helping out at the tree of light festival as well as running and hopefully raising some more cash along the way.

You could argue that I’m being smug and that I can say (In a smashee and nicely style voice) “I do a lotta work for charity mate …” but in all honesty thats not it. I feel like that the little bit I do really does make a difference and this is why I’ll keep volunteering and raising whatever money I can for a truly worthy cause and I’d urge any of you considering giving something back to the community to take a look at what good work the people at Severn Hospice do.

And finally …. as  they say at Severn Hospice …

“Care is free of charge but not without cost”



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