The Next Big Thing

“So what’s next for you ?” I hear you cry.

Blimey … you lot are keen aren’t you ??

Well here’s where things get a little bit serious …

Firstly after a few weeks break ( I took a week off after the Pontesbury Potter as reward) I tried to hit the ground running so to speak with my first run back (an off road river run to Uffington and back picking up an injury which left me out of action for a couple of weeks ). In this time I’ve been doing lots of research for both myself and for the blog. I’m intending to start giving a few pointers … things that have worked for me and things which haven’t. There’s so much information out there it’s often hard to know where to start, so I’m hoping my blog will be a no-nonsense back to basics approach to running which maybe a few people out there will find useful.

I’ve joined a running club called the “Shropshire Shufflers” a well known local group which meet up four times a week, I’ve reasoned that it should be great motivation as well as giving me a few pointers along the way (More on this later in the week)

I’ve signed up for my first two proper races, both 10 k runs which I’m looking forward to greatly. The first takes place in Market Drayton and has been featured in the news recently when local sponsors and organisers Muller, pulled the plug on the event claiming they didn’t have the resources. However within a week local running groups and councillors rescued the event from the ashes, and it’s now full steam ahead. The Market Drayton 10k run is a huge event in the diary for Market Drayton and would be a big blow to the town were it not to go ahead.

The second race takes place in Liverpool and goes through the Wallasey Tunnel. This finishes on the seafront at New Brighton. This is a race I couldn’t miss, I love New Brighton (as you’ll have noticed from my earlier blogs) and the chance to run under the sea is a rare opportunity.

The plan is to get these two races out of the way and then I can concentrate on running the Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon in September. Training for 10k runs are slightly different to what I’m used to and rather than trying to increase my distance without increasing my speed, the idea is to increase my pace so that I’m running greater distances in shorter amounts of time. I’m hoping that I can get a respectable time in both races but we’ll see how my training goes.

I’m going to extend my Just giving page so that if people wish to donate any cash and keep me running, it’ll go to a great cause.

So thats about it … from me, expect lots of exciting stuff going on over the coming weeks with the blog including my exploits with the Shropshire Shufflers and some advice for people new to running.


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