Two’s company … a hundred or so are quite daunting !

Last night I took part in my first training session with the Shropshire Shufflers, the running club I’ve joined. I’m really not great at meeting loads of new people so was especially nervous but walked into town with loads of time to spare. As it turned out I ended up being unfashionably early and the very first person to arrive at the meetup point. Slowly more and more people turned up until a hundred or so people were there.

People got split up into different abilities and groups of about 20 and I was pretty chuffed that I was put in an intermediate group. Dead on 7pm we set off and headed on the opposite side of the river on trails i’d never seen let alone ran on and it made for some really interesting running.

I found the pace ok too not easy but not insanely hard, we were told where to run so if you were towards the front of the pack you got to rest while the others caught up. The running was split into sections and kept interesting with a warm up, interval training, and various running games followed by a cool down run. Liz our coach did a great job of making sure everyone was ok, finding interesting routes and keeping everyone motivated.

All in all I enjoyed my first run with them and am seriously looking forward to running with them again on wednesday 🙂



One response

  1. Awesome stuff mate well done! What was the lowest group like? Thinking once I get fit enough to join the beginners I’m probably best jumping straight in.

    April 5, 2011 at 12:03 pm

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