3 Runs and a rather sleepless night ….

It’s official folks. In September the next milestone has been set and it’s a half marathon around Lake Vyrnwy in aid of Severn Hospice. You could probably argue that the Pontesbury Potter took place over 13 miles so this should be easy, but I’ve never done anywhere that distance on roads (where it will really put pressure on my joints) and the potter was more relaxed and you didn’t feel bad for walking in parts. I intend to run every step of Lake Vyrnwy.

As training my first warmup race is in under two weeks, the Market Drayton 10k race and my second is just weeks after in Liverpool. It’s going to be a very busy few months of training and racing in preperation for the big day.

As usual you’ll be able to follow my progress as it happens on Facebook and Twitter and to raise a little extra cash for the cause we’ll be spending a particularly sleepless night in a hotel in dudley …

… Some of you may be aware of both mine and Sarah’s love of being scared, we’ve been chased through Cornfields by actors dressed as zombies, chased through sewers by “monsters” and had chainsaws held to our necks, all in aid of a good scare. We’ve travelled the country taking part in various “Scaremazes” and “Haunted Attractions” and even travelled to America to get to “Halloween Horror Nights” a massive event which features loads of these mazes and we loved every single one.

The one thing about a scaremaze is it doesn’t last very long, it can be anything between a couple of minutes up to about 15  minutes, the key here is that if you don’t like it, you’re in a fairly big group for support and you make it through, either screaming or with your eyes shut and you know that it will be over soon.

In May we’ll be staying in the UK’s first all-night “Scare-room” a hotel with a very disturbing past, where actors will spend the night doing everything they can to terrify us. At any point we can hang a do not disturb sign on the door but we’re hoping to make it till dawn. Again you’ll be able to follow our live updates via facebook and twitter.

I have till September to train for the half marathon which seems like a mammoth task at the moment, but feels like a milestone which I’m eager to achieve in a respectable time.

Market Drayton Half Marathon takes place on Sunday 8th May

Scarerooms at Scarecon takes place on May 12th (Check Here For Full Details)

Liverpool Mersey Tunnel 10k is happening on Sunday 12th June

Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon is on Sunday September 11th

If youre about on any of the above days don’t forget to come and cheer me on … could really do with the encouragement.

If any of you would like to sponsor me for Lake Vyrnwy then please click the link below 🙂


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