Things that go bump, boo and arrrrrgh in the night …

As I’ve previously mentioned a few weeks ago, we visited an industry show called Scarecon which, as thrill seekers both myself and Sarah couldn’t resist visiting. The day consisted of seminars, networking and trade stalls all geared towards frightening the living daylights out of people. Its the kind of thing that really interests us and although some of the information in the seminars wasnt geared towards us, we were fascinated by it all.

The day rounded off with the evening Scareball where everyone came dressed to scare, there was food and drink, a hilarious spoof seminar from Doc Austin a ‘Theoretical Zombiologist’ and a disco …. there’s nothing like seeing a whole room in horror costumes dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller ….

Sarah and I in scary mode (Photo by Stephen Candy)

The lives and souls of the party ... (Photo by Stephen Candy)

Normally I’d be partying till the early hours, or at least till I couldn’t walk in a straight line or had fallen asleep in a corner somewhere, however we were keen to return to our rooms or rather ‘Scarerooms’ by 11.30. At Midnight we’d signed disclaimers to say that anything could happen, actors would visit our room at random intervals through the night up until 7am or until we put the do not disturb signs up on our door.

We’d decided that we could maybe raise some money for Severn Hospice by making it through the night and so the bar had been set. We were in bed by midnight where we thought we would be safe, how bad could it possibly be afterall ?? The suspense was killing us as we literally didn’t know what to expect.

At 12.30 we had our first encounter, a simple banging at the door which had us cowering in our bed (see videos below) and a little later on a full on assault with several actors jumping onto the bed as we tried to get under the duvet for safety.

By 1am the hotel had recieved numerous complaints about the screams that were coming from upstairs …

By each hour that passed the scares increased, our duvet was wrestled from us and we were left terrified. At points we hadn’t got a clue whether there was anyone in our room or not as we mustered up the courage to go to the bathroom to check if anyone was hiding in there.

By 4am we were really starting to feel tired and were really tempted to hang up our wimpy do not disturb signs luckily we didn’t as things got very odd after ….

Room Service ....

The scares became more improvised and with more humour, our room became a relentless warzone as our actors made us cups of tea, shook up our bottles of pop, rearranged our beds and sang to us.

Sleeping on the job ....

At 7am our night (or morning) came to a terrifying climax when a friend we’d met during the day popped in with his chainsaw to make sure we were still awake. It was the perfect ending to what was one of the most surreal, terrifying and most enjoyable evenings I’ve ever spent in a hotel.

Would we do it again ?? You bet! We’ll definately be back again next year to do it all over again. Below are some of the videos we took, they’re only a small part of what we went through, we didn’t want to spend the whole night behind a camera but they should at least give you a glimpse of what I’m on about. If you enjoy the videos, please consider making a donation (no matter how big or small) at the bottom of the page which is going to Severn Hospice.

PLEASE NOTE Due to the nature of the night, there is unfortunately some swearing contained in the videos, if easily offended ย or there are young ones within hearing distance or you are unsure please do not watch.



2 responses

  1. Great videos and blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    June 1, 2011 at 11:01 pm

  2. OMG Don’t you look awesome! I shall have to watch the videos when the little people are not around but what a fabulous thing to do!

    June 2, 2011 at 5:48 pm

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