Excuses excuses excuses …

Dear (Insert P.E. Teacher’s name here)

Colin will not be able to partake in sports today because:

1. He’s got a nasty cough and cold
2. He’s aching like a swine
3. He’s been running a temperature despite shivering

At school I was the kind of kid that used to look for just about any excuse that we could to avoid any form of sport (except Hockey …. I loved Hockey … there was something about having a wooden stick in your hands that you could beat up peoples shins with ….)

These days however being unable to run when I want puts me in a terrible mood whether that be due to illness or just a heavy work schedule. Last weekend I pushed myself into running a rather impressive 11 miles which gave me a huge ego boost towards this half marathon i’m running in just a few weeks. I’ve never ran 13 miles and need to get up to it quickly so that I have the confidence to complete the race and have time to work on my speed so that I can finish in a time sub 2 hours like I’ve been hoping for.

My longest run to date

I’ve also seen that Addias Micoach is now available on Android, which I really missed from my Blackberry owning days, the interactive coaching telling you to speed up or slow down and encouraging you really helps motivation and although Run Keeper has been a good alternative it’s something I’ve really missed on my runs. Needless to say, now that it’s back on my phone I really really want to get out and try it.

This was only supposed to be a short post but there’s a couple of things I wanted to mention briefly. The other day Severn Hospice were kind enough to send me a t-shirt to run in which has really motivated me to train hard for this race, I’ve been wearing it proudly for most of my training.

The New Team Strip !!

And just finally I wanted to mention that whilst writing this post, it occurred to me to find out just how far I’ve ran since I started out running. I’ve been training now for just over a year and I was shocked to find out that since logging my runs via the various mobile phone GPS systems I have actually ran 386 miles which I find absolutely mind blowing. A year ago I couldn’t run even one mile. I feel amazing as a result of my new love of running and if you’re reading this and considering taking it up I really can’t urge you more to just get out and have a go. Sure it’s tough to start and there’s some real lows but the rewards you get are so great. Through my running I’ve seen things around where I live that I’ve never spotted before, I’m fitter, healthier and am enjoying raising  some well deserved cash for a great cause.


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