The Last Supper …. (Well almost … )

I’ve mentioned before that race day is often like being on stage. When I used to have a big gig coming up you could guarantee I’d be ill a few days before either with a sore throat, flu or cold and then spend the next few days dosing up on lemsip, strepsils, vocalzone, guiness, icecream (the list was endless !). Call it coincidence if you like but there’s got to be something Pyschosomatic there surely …

I noticed a trend that before my other races, I’d mysteriously been picking up injuries from training too hard. Races for me are a big deal and I get stressed easily by the smallest things and need to know that I’m going to be able to complete them. This time around, I’ve been very careful not to over train and have been dosing up on recovery milkshakes which have eased my muscles after the longer runs.

My next (and possibly final race this year) is on Sunday, its the Lake Vyrnwy half marathon which I’m running for Severn Hospice which is even more pressure to know that I can do it. I’ve only ran 13 miles once that was two weeks ago and I’m not going to sugarcoat it in any way shape or form. It was the hardest run I’ve had to date, from about 10 miles onwards I was really struggling and was fighting hard to carry on. In my favour I had chosen quite an undulating route having ran up to Haughmond Hill, around it and back via a rather scenic route. Lake Vyrnwy is almost completely flat so that should give me some hope, the weather forecast is pretty bad which again works in my favour: it’s apparently going to rain which should help keep me cool as opposed to running on a pretty hot morning. After that I’ve toned down my running to allow my muscles to have chance to heal properly but have taken shorter runs to help keep things moving. Tonight I did my final run before the race, a rather simple 6 miles (but one of my favourite routes around Shrewsbury that I do). I feel pretty good right now and am fairly chilled out about the race on Sunday. I don’t think I’m going to get near my original goal of sub 2 hours for the race but if I can finish in under 2.15 I’ll be happy.

You never really know how a race is going to go until you’re there but I’m planning on starting about 3/4 of the way back and working my way through the crowds. This might sound like a bit of a daft game plan to you but stay with me for a sec and I’ll explain. If you start towards the front you can guarantee there will be people who are quicker behind you and every runner who passes you as daft as it sounds can knock your confidence. Now if you turn that around and start towards the back every runner that you pass can give you an enormous boost and it becomes far easier to keep the one foot in front of the other. Maybe it’s because I’m naturally competitive, I don’t like to lose but I find thats the mentality that I’m in during every race I’ve been in so far.

I’m still overwhelmed that its just over a year into me putting on a pair of running shoes and I can now run 13 miles, it’s scary just how much I enjoy it compared to how much I used to hate running !!

So there you have it … no doubt I’ll be tweeting/facebooking during the event so be sure to follow me at: and @rollercolster

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