Resolutions Resolutions Resolutions …

So it’s the new year and I’ve not blogged since errr September …. crikey !

Well as some of you may know – I’m not really the kind of person who sets myself new years resolutions. This year for one reasons or another i’m using New Year as a reason to wipe the slate clean and have several ideas I’m trying to work towards.

No 1. I need to start my running again – this is really important. My first race is in just a few weeks and I’ve not run properly in ages. It’s a half marathon at Silverstone and am not expecting to achieve a very good time with my lack of training. Since Lake Vyrnwy I’ve been finding too many excuses not to run and this must stop.

Number 2. I need to Blog more and I also need to start tweeting more. Work has been insanely busy so haven’t had the time to have as much presence as I’d like but thats not really an excuse I guess.

Number 3. We need to chill out more, last year both myself and Sarah took on more than we could chew. This year we’ve got the wedding to sort out too so we really need to stop being so busy.

Which leads to Number 4: I need to chill out more – I get really stressed and pent up about the most silly of things, I need to stop worrying about every minor little detail and just realise that things happen and you can’t always help that.

Finally Number 5: I need to start focusing on the positives rather than the negatives – I’m a natural pessimist I guess but it’s not a great way to go about day to day life. Everything and everybody has their good and bad points (and everything inbetween) I just have to accept this so I don’t turn into an even bigger ball of stress.

So that’s it … first if not slightly predictable (and short) blog post of 2012 – Happy New Year Folks.


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